Thunder In The Valley

A firework sparks to shatter the crinkled sky,
Gunfire in the valley.


A sparkler’s ember in the wet bog lies,
The landmine waits endlessly.


Explosions echo in the emptiness of night,
Old homes, evacuated buildings.


Faces of amazement, lit up like fireflies,
Heads bloodied with machetes.


Dogs barking running from the dancing fire,
Children hiding from murdered mothers.


Night’s silence marking the end of the day,
Days ending marking a night of blood thirst.


Today’s the day we celebrate,
Tonight we fear for tomorrow.


Tonight effigies are burnt and heroes made,
Tomorrow is filled with sorrow.



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5 responses to “Thunder In The Valley

  1. gentledove

    I am amazed this has no comments, I have always seen this analogy with fireworks. I am gonna dig over your blog Tom and get back to you, are you Brit then?

  2. Thanks – I’ll try to make sure I keep posting – yes I’m a Brit living in London…interested to read any other UK poem sites if you know of any?

  3. I found your site via Poets Who Blog. I like the stark images in this and the juxtaposition of fireworks and war,

  4. shoestringspirit

    Thanks crafty green I’ll have a pop over to your book shelf as I hadn’t read you before.

  5. tim hoang

    Hey mate, saw this through your site and thought i was gonna have a look and then take piss.

    But instead, genuinely, pleasantly surprised.

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