As the Evening Sky Grew Dark

Held inside your open hand,

Laying upon your patterned dress,

Sleeping beneath the oak tree,

While the sun reluctantly set.


Shadows drawn out across the park side,

Yellowing news on a crinkled page,

You asked me what I was thinking,

I whispered back your name.


Quick kiss, the lake that glistened,

Children chasing butterflies,

Toes touching, grass stained trousers,

Eyes rolling to the sky.


Hit high into the distance,

People started to cheer,

The moon appeared so silently,

So lonely but so near.


Long grass kept us hidden,

But for the bugs beneath the green,

Sharing stories just between us,

The things that we had seen.


No need to talk to anyone,

In dusk’s tranquil light,

We lay there just together,

As day turned in to night.


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