Silence is ringing, darkness pricks the eyes,

Frosted trees, cold outside.

Broken touches.

So delicate where she was,

Black hanging hair, eyes open wide,

Leaving me frozen with nowhere to hide.



Places morph into people I knew,

Changing colour and the lights that are now shining so bright,

Holding her hour glass figure, time falls away,

With the gravity that keeps the snow falling still.



Somehow it always seems to fit,

Light ghost lit city heights,

Milky streamlined statues and tall glass houses,

Under which we watched the night go by,

Talking of everyone else’s news,

Thinking we were immersed in ourselves.



So red her eyes, stinging in the candlelight,

That flickered so uneasily, revealing an increasingly fragile plight.


Hands in other hands, lips on other lips,

Just skin touching skin, a premature sense of bliss.


Careless fate left her walking down the well lit night,

Stars brought down to the street,

Taxis back to bedrooms, cold kisses and coffee,

Stained the stark morning light.



So sun will show snow that will soon melt away,

Bringing back spring shoots through which trickle tears,

While a goodbye kiss remains.


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