Open doors, carol street choir,Tire lines in dusty snow,
Vanishing smoke line, Heat pouring into the night.

Rocking horse, creaking boards,
Break the silent night.

Wrapped up in morning darkness,
Delivered in a duvet, tucked in too tight,
Four o’clock sunset, pine needles tingling,
Eggnog candlesticks, butterscotch light.

Seatsalted timber, inglenook crackle,
Teapot cottages, roasting lumber in the late afternoon freeze,
Leaves, crisp, sweep the lane,
Floating away upon the brook, Root washed and bubbling.

Stodgy pasteurised footsteps,
Ice crunch puddle,
Cow-pat thickets,
Soft, sharp steam.

Slow sinking winter sun,Melts against the frosty pane of sky,
Swept up in cirruss, spun down to the ocean,
Chalk white, the fizzing roaring sea.




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