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Trans Siberian

The derisive charm of a train that never stops,
it allways stays with me.

Orange fields, open moons,
A country open wide,
Through a window,
Before the viscous sea wild.

Far away, underneath a thunderous sky,
That builds rolls and falls beneath volcanoes,
Into August raindrops, shining rails
That run away from the windowsill.

Endless Distance.

Honesty lost in the trees,
Rolling east into the sunrise,
Awake from a forgetting dream.

Of the touch, the meaning,
Of a share premenition,
The moon, the stars, the horizon, the sun.

That rises into a bloodshot watery sky,
Tired of a journey, that’s forgotten its concept of time.



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Holland Park

Green grass Sundays,
Papers in the park,
Brown skin lazyness,
A careless beating heart.
Slumbers in the shade,
Swim across the sky,
Ice cream slowly dripping,
With the toddler’s tearful eyes.
Frisbee spun in circles,
Toddle, race and run
Hampers sit in sunlight,
baked by early Summer’s calm.

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Travel Sickness

City summer heat, bad dreams, stuffy street lamp nights,
Spinning visions of how big the world seemed to be,
When she was just a few hours from flight.
No thoughts of the things we could be, twisting hopes of careless might,
A vision of the world we see, feet slowly trapped in the sodden tide.


Something beautiful in the sadness once known,
Last night’s evening news now blowing down tattered tube lines,
When all believe god is on their side,
Drunk in deluded righteousness,
Left with a pyrrhic sense of pride.


Calculate the cost of distance,
The red eyed loss of time, sitting in an uncomfortable aeroplane chair,
Looking what you were trying to find.


Lost in the leaving,
Forgetting so shortly a face to always recognise,
A decision to regret,
A name that sinks inside this seat forever
A face stored in memory, lost in the present tense,
Darkened by the judgement of ebbing time.

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